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Tovar & Emotional Intelligence
Two interactions today:
Tovar: "Can you play the ipad game with me now daddy?"

Patri: "We just played.  I'd like to write a bit on my computer before we play again - I want to take turns doing things with you and doing my own thing."

Tovar: "Part of my body wants you to do your thing, and part of my body wants you to play a game with me."

(Presumably he got this from our use of IFS).

Tovar: "Grandma Brenda, you're doing it wrong, you have to wash the apple first, that's healthy."

Brenda: "Well, that's not my technique, I do it a different way.  I know washing is good, but I have my way."

Tovar: "That's OK, I'm not saying your way is wrong."
(or something like that).

Excellent non-judgmentalism!

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